Hello guys,HAPPY NEW YEAR. yippppi! I’m sooo excited about 2013 because I know its going to be a special year for me I can feel it already, I’m sooo excited about my blog 😀 because blogging is something I hv always wanted to do,like I read so many blogs fashion and makeup blogs especially and there’s this inner voice always telling me “ity start blogging” lol ,and I’m always like when I start one what shld I blog about? Should I do the fashion thingie which I like a lot ?…I’m a lover of fashion like I always match colors,clothes,shoes and bags in my head.I’m also a makeup lover I discovered or rather the love for makeup increased when I went with a friend to makeup HOUSE OF TARA ikeja sometime last year January.I have fallen soo much in love with makeup that every second I’m always thinking of it,I’m watching a movie I’m looking at the actresses makeup how well or how wrongly it has been done and Im always making comments like “ofejiro why r her brows so big” or “the makeup artist did a very lovely job contouring the face ” ,even when I sleep I’m thinking of the next makeup item I think I shld get(buh money yab man I always end up not getting most makeup items I dream of).most times when I get on youtube I always search for makeup tutorials… *Sigh u can go ahead and call me a makeup freak I’m nt bothered by it…. Or should I blog about anything that bothers my mind at that particular time? I’m actually very confused right now as at what to do but before I decide on what to make this blog about I’m going to be posting random stuffs from makeup to fashion to me talking about what’s really bothering me at that particular time .you my friend can use the comment box and leave suggestions on what u think I should do.I seriously need suggestions from you because u see me from an angle that I can’t see myself from.once again I’m saying HAPPY NEW YEAR and have a lovely day guys. xoxo